our staycation


Staycations have always been my favorite form of vacations. Don’t get me wrong – seeing amazing new places is outstanding and enlightening. But when you get back from vacationing elsewhere, I always need some days to recover from my relaxation. Enter: the staycation. For my family, it was always Stinson Beach. A getaway, but not too far from home (30-45 minutes, depending on your driving tenacity). For our second spring break, 5 of our 12 roommates remain here for the weekend leading up to La Fería de Abril – the GIGANTIC spring festival in Sevilla (pictures to come). We’ve been sleeping in, shopping, laying out in the park with bizcocho and ice water by day, drinking mojitos by the river during the evening, and going out to dinner at night.

Past and present favorite vacations:

hawaiian sunset circa 2007

sisterly kayak water fight. stinson beach circa 2008

cue retaliation

grand canyon circa 2010

fancy spanish hats #1

fancy spanish hats #2

carly and martin. martin the mojito. they're getting pretty serious.

pretty ladies at the park

Katie and I were looking less fabulous than our two companions today, in an attempt to make my sunscreeny face and katie’s eager-to-eat-cookie face look more presentable, I have converted the next photo to black and white. Please note, I am reading, so all viewers should focus on how intellectual I am and offer me jobs, grad school acceptance letters and money. Then you can look at Katie’s face and 1. laugh or 2. take a leaf out of her book and enjoy a cookie….cause they’re really freakin good.


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