las playas de portugal


Another weekend has passed containing yet another excursion. This time – Portugal! Unfortunately we traveled by bus (only 2.5 hours!) so I was unable to obtain a stamp on my passport. Luckily I gathered photographic proof that I indeed visited several beaches in this lovely country.
The region we visited is called Algarve and our first city was Lagos, where we spent a couple hours on a gorgeous beach. Unfortunately, the weather in Portugal this weekend was quite similar to a typical day on a beach in Northern California. Luckily, I am quite used to shivering while admiring the ocean. This particular beach had some really awesome geological features. I spent about an hour quizzing myself on the various types of sediments and fossils, and gathering samples, and also climbing this rope…thanks to all the friends who pretended to listen – one day when I discover diamonds in a cave, I might let you touch one of them (you didn’t listen that closely…)
On Saturday, Carley and I woke up early to go on a gorgeous run along the beach. The wind was ridiculously strong, as was the ocean smell, and my legs were gloriously exhausted afterwards. We earned our continental breadfast (nowhere in europe do they serve anything but carbohydrates for your morning meal).

i always knew our old dog Hitch would be reincarnated as someone fabulous, this old english sheepdog had a super hip pink scrunchie in her hair

natures exfoliant

me at the entrada of the cave in which there were some magnificent fossils (aka free souvenirs!)

La Sardina Asada – The Grilled Sardine. Great name for a seafood restaurant. They had a very helpful boardwalk for emptying sand out of my runners (which officially have zero traction left, countdown to my annual trip to Arch Rival had begun).


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