la semana santa


Happy Easter! As a kid (and I hate to admit that this chapter of my life is over) my easter mornings consisted of waking up to a beautifully assembled easter basket followed by me dominating whoever was participating in the easter egg hunt. One year, we got bathing suits in our easter baskets. Sixteen year old me immediately went to try it on. Unfortunately, my 11 year old sister took a head start (thanks for regulating mom and dad). Luckily I have no shame and jogged around my backyard in a two piece, still finishing victorious despite my delayed start.
Easter in Sevilla is done a bit differently. Spain as a country is incredibly conservative. The women still wear stockings (despite the 80 degree weather) and they dress their poor little boys in button downs, sweater vests and suit jackets. I thus figured it wise to not to run around in my bikini today, I had the feeling the easter bunny doesn’t cover territory this far out anyways…What Easter does provide in Sevilla is lots of cotton candy stands. Very odd. We arrived home from London to find all grocery stores closed (they have been all week), however there was an abundance of cotton candy and buñuelo (mini donut) stands. Good thing I hate both of those things. Wishing they had some of these…

It turns out that Sunday is the least important day of Holy Week in Spain. The days leading up to the resurrection take precedence. There are processions, each put on by una hermandad (brotherhood) from each church. These processions are comprised of Nazareños (people dressed like the Klu Klux Klan), floats (held up by 20 “costaleros” or hunched over men) and music. The streets are completely filled with people. A chair in a prime spot along Avenida de la Constitución will cost 200 euro for the week!


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