quite right.


Day Two
I’m completing this in installments because my attention span is waning. On day two I discovered the electric tea kettle. Life. Changing. It heats water in like 20 seconds!!
What was almost as cool was Westminster Abbey, which we took a tour of in the morning. Located right next to Parliament, Big Ben, the Supreme Court and London eye, it is the historical heart of the city (not to mention the fact that it is surrounded by red telephone booths). The free audio tour was fascinating and the interior was breathtaking. Aside from tombs of almost every British monarch was Poet’s corner which held tributes to Jane Austen, the Bronte women and Shakespeare which was quite surreal.
After our cultural excursion, we spent a solid 90 minutes tracking down Chipotle. Worth it. The food so far had made the trip worth it. And then we found Ben’s Cookies. I kid you not I nearly cried. I will not confess the amount of money we spent over the next 5 days at this particular establishment. I will, however, confess that there was one in our Tube station, which we passed by at least twice a day. Throughout our trip, it was determined that the Oatmeal Raisin and Classic Milk Chocolate were the best of the bunch. Dark Chocolate, Fruit and Nut, Cranberry and White chocolate and Double Chocolate were all very good too. All written out, it is fairly embarrassing.
After my emotional encounter with my long lost friend the cookie, we headed to Camden Markets. Growing up in Northern California prepared me perfectly for this atmosphere, which I would describe as similar Height Street. The place was filled with dreadlocks, vintage shops and lots of ethnic food. I fought my desire to turn Punk Rock and get tons of piercings and instead used my high schools thrift-store shoppings skills to find Carley a fabulous vintage watch that looks just like her moms!


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