london’s calling


We’ve been planning our London/Amsterdam trip for quite some time now. So when they announced a national strike the day of our flight, I was a bit peeved. Luckily (I figured out yesterday) it’s free to switch your flight to the night before. So, I’m rebelliously skipping one of my classes today and jet-setting off to the land of tea and crumpets early. I will finally get to break out the plethora of button downs, cardigans and ballet flats that I have reserved exactly for this occasion. My GPS on Prince Harry has been turned on and my backpack has been prepared to steal the crown jewels. Some notes about my relationship with England up until this point. I’m a bit obsessed with princesses (I prefer fairy princesses, but really any type will do). It started at an early age, and really hasn’t subsided at all.

So, when an old British women told me I bear “a striking resemblance to Kate Middleton” I almost dropped dead on the spot. I also haven’t stopped talking about it since. Also, my favorite author of all time is Jane Austin. And if the whole Prince Harry thing doesn’t work out, Mr. Darcy will most definitely do.


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