muchas cosas


Ah what a week it has been. Carly and Natalie’s visit was so amazing, it made me so excited for our house of 10 chicas next year! On a related note, I purchased my football tickets for next season! go blue!
After two fabulous days of sightseeing, catching up, and the discovery of Restaurante San Marcos (who serves a three tiered tray of mini cookies with your cappuccino!) I left Sevilla for a day trip to Málaga and Puerto Bánus.

Birthplace of Pablo Picasso and more importantly Antonio Banderas. We walked around this beach town for about an hour, touring the Cathedral and another church in which Picasso was baptized. It seems as though these Cathedrals are quite the thing here. They are all gorgeous, and exhibit a grandeur that simply cannot be found in the states. Carley however, had some interesting insight about the Málaga Cathedral. In all seriousness: “I don’t like this Cathedral. It’s tacky.” I had no response.

I'd like to live here please.

"How'd Picasso fit in there!?" No one laughed.

Speaking of tacky. I find going to the movies in America to be just that. The large neon signs, the overpriced snacks, the association it has with laziness. I would have like to have visited the theater back when you had to get dressed up. When seeing a movie was something magical. When I make my millions I will come back to Málaga, steal this sign and open a boutique movie theater with a dress code I think. Mom – that font!

And then I got tired.

Puerto Bánus
After Málaga, we headed to the Hamptons of Europe. Unfortunately the beach lost it’s appeal once the winds picked up. For the record, wind is my least favorite element. Not too keen on fire either. Regardless, we were able to reside among all the fabulous big spenders and eye all of the wonderful stores.

Lots of Birken sighings. Both in the store and in use.

Delayed pictures from St. Patricks day! I’m sure they have palm trees and were wearing sleeveless dresses in Ireland that day…


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