perro cabeza arriba, perro cabeza abajo


In an attempt to save my knees from pounding cobblestones on my runs every day, I joined Cuesta Sport. Things I’ve gathered thus far
1. yoga class consisted of an hour and a half of breathing
2. spin class lasts 45 minutes, the instructor loves Beyoncé and Rihanna (both of whom have spanish versions of their songs). There is also a spanish man who whistles in the 2:30 class on Tuesdays. He whistles the entire time. Because people kind of disregard the instructor (poor Santi), and peddle leisurely.
Also, after having us take our pulse, Santi told me mine was too high…is that a thing?
3. women wear tights under their athletic shorts
4. they sell candy at the front desk
5. no matter how fabulous the athletic shorts with tights look is, choosing a gym over the park next door is nearly impossible


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