vino in vez de un examen


Torrija y Vino de Naranja was served in my last class yesterday instead of a midterm. After spending days copying down copious notes while inhaling chalk (front row student, obviously) and trying to figure out why they write the number 1 like an upside down V – I was thrilled when he offered us snacks instead of more information about the ancient Hispania. Watching our esteemed Spanish professor enjoying sips out of a large wine bottle in the middle of class is something I’d like to remember forever and a tradition that the professors at Michigan probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about.
La Torrija is a typical dessert served around Easter. It came from the culture of Al-Andalus, when the Arab Empire occupied the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th-11th century. Fun Fact: French Toast was derived from this gooey glob of goodness. A good recipe can be found here.
It is usually served with orange wine, which has the consistency of cough syrup – and probably has the same effect when drunk in large quantities. It makes sense that they would attempt to ferment oranges, they line the streets of Sevilla and are absolutely divine. You can get 3 kilos (10 oranges) for one euro at the farmers market. It’s recommended that you do that instead of picking your own, as they water the public orange trees with sewage water. It’s safe to say that I’m getting far more than my required dosage of vitamin C these days, no scurvy for me!


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