Exactly a week ago, two girlfriends and I hopped on a quick plane to Barcelona. One of my good friends since elementary school is studying abroad there so we figured we would take a quick break from a Spanish city and an apartment of 12 girls to visit another Spanish city and an apartment of 6 guys. When I say the phrase “hopped on a quick plane” what I really mean is I walked up a staircase onto the equivalent of a flying bus while the previous flight was disembarking from the back staircase (Thank you RyanAir for the 20 euro flight). We were buzzing with excitement as the flight attendants tried to sell us newspaper, water, smokeless cigarettes (ooo tempting, no gracias). One of the highlights was when we encountered the RyanAir stewardess calendar. Hello senorita February. Barcelona is a much bigger, much more metropolitan city than Sevilla, which meant that we took cabs and the metro everywhere. Luckily, Mikey the Metro Master got us everywhere we needed to be in a jiffy. Chiefly to the beach. We went to a discoteca on said beach Thursday night and danced the night away. After awakening at the crack of noon we set off to feed the pigeons at the Plaza de Cataluna. At times, Barcelona could have easily been New York, or Chicago (not San Francisco exactly, as it was lacking in hills and fog). There were Subway’s where we could eat fresh, and a Cartier store where I could look fresh if I so chose.

Remember how Dory speaks whale in Finding Nemo? Mike speaks pigeon. **see monkey story about rabies.

After some time with our avian friends, we made our way through the open market to the beach. We bought a baguette and some brie which we enjoyed while watching a large elderly naked man strut back and forth along the water. Power to you sir.

After the beach and sightseeing we headed home for a siesta. Or in my case a twiddling of thumbs and a chat with our other fellow visitor Andrew about his experience studying abroad in Turkey! You nappers nap, I’m learning about how to say swear words in Turkish! After the sleepheads awoke; Carly Katie and I headed to the grocery store to make dinner. These boys have a functioning oven, there is no way that was going to go unused. When we offered to make dinner, we did not first check to see what we were working with exactly. Every dish. Every single dish in the entire apartment was in the sink. They had bought plastic plates and cutlery (don’t even get me started. Such a waste. Michael got an earful). After cleaning the kitchen and making homemade mac n cheese and roasted vegetables, we each got several marriage proposals. My apologies to my fellow feminists, but the dishes were a sanitation issue.
That night we went to the W skybar. One of Mike’s roommates has incredibly generous parents who bought him a suite for his birthday. It was entirely too nice for us, and we had a fabulous time.
We returned to the W the next day to bask by the pool, see the fantastic views and eat the free apples. We did make a quick trip to la Sagrada Familia – one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. I forgot my camera and kept calling it the Mama Grande. I hope I passed my Art History midterm now that I think about it….

Katie, Carly and I had an absolutely fabulous time. Perhaps due to the fact that we were finally around males that spoke our language (I didn’t use spanish once!) or maybe because seeing Mike gave me a little slice of home.

Love you and miss you all!


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