a bit of weather


It was raining during our entire excursion to Gibralter (please picture an old british woman shouting BIT OF WEATHA!) The blustery day perfectly complimented our brief visit to this British Colony. What was once thought to be the end of the world is now home to an odd mixture of urban buildings, high levels of plant diversity and quaint british cobblestone streets. Oh and also there are monkeys. Wild monkeys.
A quick anecdote about wild animals: At the beginning of the school year, my house had a little bit of a bat problem. Please picture a room filled with 40 girls with a bat flying around in it. My hearing may be permanently damaged. Regardless, we all almost had to get rabies shots. Ever since, I haven’t been a huge fan of rabies. Thus I chose to not let the monkeys climb on my head – which some were more than willing to do.
After visiting St. Michael’s Cave we had free time for fish and chips! I tried the fried foot long masterpiece and then had a cup of coffee that was gigantic in comparison with the shot sized spanish cafés con leche. I then spent some time bouncing off the walls in an authentic British tea house and had some of a friend’s milkshake which contained…..please prepared yourself…vanilla ice cream, peanut m&ms, oreos, chocolate powder, chocolate syrup and perhaps some form of cocaine because it was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted in my life. Upon the bus ride home I experienced a sugar coma of epic proportions.

The Straight of Gibralter - one of the distant land forms is Africa, one is Spain

Indiana Jones tour bus. Tour guide did not measure up to the coolness of his vehicle.

Mono con una manzana. For the record he stole it out of my friend Melissa's mouth. These things are evil. But apparently health conscious as my chocolate bar remained untouched.


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