stolen menu and my INCREDIBLY high tech spanish cell phone

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is a magical place. Located directly across from the gates of the university, they offer the smallest sandwiches you could imagine along with olives, beer, tinto de verano, french fries and potato chips. Nothing on the menu costs more than 2 euro and they constantly have specials – like JARRAMANIA (es un escándolo) or EUROMANIA on Wednesdays where everything is…a euro…
We met our new spanish friends there last night for una jarra de cerveza y patatas fritas. They serve the french fries with mayonnaise, which is, needless to say, incredibly appetizing (sarcastic eye roll, wrinkled nose and fake puking noise.) Not to fear father – spanish men don’t buy drinks! Or maybe they just don’t buy me drinks. They do, however, get my humor. Or maybe their just laughing at my atrocious accent. One of our friends, Mozo (I’m 90% sure that’s his last name) is studying to be a pharmacist. In an attempt to convey how hilarious I am, I asked him what his favorite medication was. Unfortunately, “Cuál es su droga favorito” translates to what is your favorite drug (as in heroine, cocaine or marijuana). This prompted a very interesting conversation about hallucinogenic mushrooms (las cetas alucinógenas – in case you were wondering).
Other fun words I learned:
enano midget
mediano hobbit
albino ….
I also wish I could share with you all a video of the 20 minutes Mozo spent trying to teach me how to correctly pronounce the word euro in Spanish. I’d like to have word with the hombre who put so many Spanish vowels right next to each other. Skype me for a tutorial if you wish.


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