It is said that America has no culture. I’m in the process of determining if this is indeed true, or, if our culture is simply less stellar than that of the europeans. For instance, we have happy hour in the states. What we don’t have, however, is happy hour outdoors. Nor do we have it standing up at antique wooden bar tables. And it’s also generally not held in an outdoor plaza filled with people from all walks of life outside a catholic church built in 1674.

My friend Stephanie and I experienced this snapshot of sevillian culture last night. We met up with our “intercambios” at Plaza el Salvador for una cerveza y un poco de conversación before dinner. Speaking and joking in spanish with people our age was an inexplicably elating experience. Juan is an environmental engineer in Sevilla who totally got my jokes and also says he may have a job for me once I graduate! There are times when people ask me how my Spanish and Environment majors go together. No friends, I’m not going to be a gardener, nor do I plan on tending to hispanic bees, real careers exist! They need me!! Hopefully Juan follows through with his other promise to clean our apartment in a maid’s costume (which he swore to once he found out how many girls live here) – if he does I’ll do my best to snap a pic.

My roommates and I then sampled the #1 rated restaurant in Sevilla (by Yelp) called Taberna Coloniales. check it out!
The wait is so long that everyone stands outside around bottles of wine in ice buckets before dinner. Once you sit down, the food comes out in a flash – before we knew it we had fried eggplant drizzled in honey, caramelized goat cheese on toast, chicken in almond sauce, octopus salad and patatas bravas (french fries in something akin to in n out’s special sauce) in front of us. The sampler tray of desserts comes with tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and some marzipan something along with a black licorice chupita. It was simply perfection.

Siestas have become a necessity for various reasons. Chiefly, our shades don't work and my bedroom window faces the sunrise. It’s a beautiful thing except for the fact that it's not. I’d appreciate sleeping past 8 am every once in a while. Also, my feet are about to be tougher than a gorillas from all the walking we do. There is simply too much history to absorb, too many restaurants to sample, too many small cobble-stoned alleyways to lose yourself in…
For instance today we toured the Catedral de Sevilla – the largest gothic cathedral in the world. More historical info here.
Inside we found some amazing artifacts that I’m tempted to replicate in my future home. Antique books and candelabras, not to mention a plaza overrun with orange trees and a fountain filled with oranges.

I am so not a tourist. Spaniards totally wear pink button downs and blazers and pose next to trees, right? Hablo espanol I swear!!!


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