because I have these two legs


From caryrandolph

100 reasons why I run:

To see the sun rise.
To blow off steam.
To eat whatever I want.
To raise money for good causes.
To avoid people.
To spend time with friends.
To hear my favorite song.
Prime daydream time.
To remember my ex-boyfriends.
To feel better than my ex-boyfriends.
To compete with my ex-boyfriends.
To forget my ex-boyfriends.
To figure out Brooklyn. Sevilla!
Because the ocean is at the end.
Because I know I can.
Because sometimes I think I cannot.
Because runners love to talk about running.
Because I bought these new shoes.
To justify buying the Nike Legend pant.
To run errands…literally.
To beat my old PR.
To break a six-minute mile…again.
To feel like I did when I was 19…two whole years ago
Marathon training.
Corporate challenges.
Because I like the taste of vanilla Gu.
To sprint up the boardwalk at Coney Island.
To feel long and strong.
Because my hair is long enough for a real ponytail.
Because I have these great spandex shorts.
Because the weather is gorgeous.
To say I’ve crossed all three Manhattan bridges in one day.
New socks.
Because I’m between the not hungry and hungry stages.
Because I am going to eat so much food tonight.
To cure this hangover.
To prevent this hangover.
To fit into those jeans again.
To sweat out the impurities.
To warm up for another workout.
Because it’s Saturday morning, and I have nothing else to do.
Because it’s Monday morning, and I have a million things to do.
Because he doesn’t think I can.
Because I no longer know if I can.
Because I said I would.
To get a tan.
To see the sights.
To get my bearings.
To get lost.
To pick up coffee.
Because I don’t have a hangover.
Because nobody else is up.
To catch the sunset.
Because all my friends have other plans.
Because we’re all going out tonight.
Because I have not listened to Usher in a while.
Because I have not showered yet today.
Because I want to shower but should justify it first. a personal favorite
To sweat.
To bring a sexy flushed pink to my cheeks.
Because it’s laundry day, and I have all these clean bras.
Because my friends are waiting for me.
Because nobody is expecting me.
To get some alone time.
To get some face time on the main drags.
Because I feel skinny.
Because I feel so fucking fat.
Because I just painted my nails and they need a breeze to dry.
Because if I don’t, I might die.
To save money when I feel a shopping impulse.
To kill time.
Because I never have any time.
Because my legs feel fresh.
Because my legs feel so tired.
Sun’s out, guns out.
To visit a new neighborhood.
To test my mettle.
Because we’re on vacation.
Because sometimes I need to talk to myself.
Because I am so incredibly happy.
To avoid killing myself.
Milkshakes and cheeseburgers. chocolate chip cookies
Because he said he wants to run with me.
To justify not smoking cigarettes.
Quick and easy getaways.
To look cool.
To have something to talk about at all times.
Photo ops.
Because it is such a good excuse to travel.
Because it inspires other people.
Because it inspires me.
To get angry.
Because it is the only time I ever cry anymore.
To earn tee shirts and win medals.
Because it gets me out of bed in the mornings.
Because it makes me happier than any man ever has.
To rehab my broken limbs.
To believe in God.
Because I have these two legs.


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