la día de san valentín


five things from my valentine’s day
1. a love tag from my loyal valentine (can always count on mama)
2. chic heart paper clips from said valentine
3. a bar of dark chocolate from a birthday package from home (shout out to syd for figuring out international shipping – so darling)
4. my love ring from Forever21 that I can only get away with wearing every year on February 14th
5. ticket to the flamenco concert – unfortunately pictures were not allowed, even if they were it is impossible to capture in words or photographs. It’s something everyone needs to see.

and some fun trivia from my spanish professor today
Saint Valentine or San Valentín was a Roman during the 3rd century. Originally, el flor del almendro (flower of almond-tree) simbolized eternal love. Nowadays, a ring (el anillo) significa el amor eterno. The circle of the ring has no beginning and no end and it is worn on the left hand because it is the one closest to the heart. The Spanish, however, wear their wedding bands on their right ring finger – due to the fact that they are “menos romántico” according to my professor. Yeah right….I’ve never seen more PDA in my life.


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