córdoba y granada: mármol, alabastro y granito


hola a todos! this past weekend, our program did an excursion to the cities of Córdoba and Granada. On our first stop, we visited la Catedral de Córdoba which was built as a mosque in the 8th century and then converted into a catholic cathedral in the 10th century. The architecture was breathtaking – and incredibly difficult to capture on film because it was so dark. I did manage to capture below a few good shots of the exterior and one of the high dome ceilings inside. The majority of the building was made of marble, alabaster and granite (learned some sweet new design vocab to teach my mom, in case she runs into any spanish clients who are looking for a slightly….ancient design)

Walking around is so fun, but gets hard on the feet if you don’t have the right shoes. Even with these adorable booties, my roommate Carly needed a little rest after those devilish cobblestones.

We walked down this amazing “calle de flores” in which all the apartments had flower pots and ivy on their windowsills and stopped to lunch at a tapas place. One of the girls in our program tried bulls tail….I told her I was trying to cut back.

After the cathedral, we loaded up back on the bus and headed to Granada. The most interesting part of the city was all the Moroccan influences. We toured some wonderful flea markets and stopped for tea and crepes at a Morrocan teahouse.

The next day was our three hour tour of La Alhambra. Historical information can be found here: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alhambra
It was breathtaking. And also freezing. The best part of the trip in fact, was the 7 euro burnt orange coat I purchased. On that shopping trip, a woman came up to me and asked a question in spanish about where to find the men’s part of the store. I answered, and was thrilled she thought I was a local. Almost as good as the time a british woman told me I looked like Kate Middleton…almost. For the remainder of the trip, I was felt cozy, regal, and Spanish and was sending little messages to 6 year old me about living in a castle.


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