first day of school!


La Universidad de Sevilla was built in 1502. A little after Columbus sailed the ocean blue I believe. It was originally a tobacco factory, and the amount of tobacco consumed in its plazas has not changed much.

All of my classes are in Spanish, which means my concentration levels are off the charts. I just bought a really good notebook and pen to make note-taking fun (no computers allowed!). You also cannot stretch, yawn, eat, drink, or leave for the bathroom during the 2 hour class period. Fine, I’ll pay attention, gosh.

Monday and Wednesday I have “Regional Policy, Economic Resources and Commercial relations of the EU and then “Contemporary Spanish-American Poetry” at night – (romantic prose to come).
Tuesday and Thursday I have “Economics and Society of Contemporary Spain”, European Art History of the 20th Century and a class entitled “The Historical Projection of Three Cultures: Christians, Moslems and Jews.”
Quite a far leap from the heaps of natural science and quantitative reasoning I have taken for the past 3 years. I hope to come back far more cultured, with the ability to talk politics and economics with any Spaniard. Hopefully they throw in some fun facts about the US so I can finally keep up with my father… this is what I’ve got so far dad: ah sí, crisis económica sí sí.


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