lets get some shoes


I’m only slightly upset that I didn’t learn flamenco at a young age and missed the opportunity to wear all these. A couple roommates and I went on a long walk in el centro of the city – where all the fabulous shopping was. Along with these delicious shoes we also encountered some tasty treats…

right before leaving my mom and I were complaining about how no one spends the time to enjoy a nice dessert over coffee or outside while people watching. That is definitely not the case here. Almost no food is available “a llevar” or to go. So savor away! Just try not to drool if you’re using a communal keyboard.

The name of this particular pastelería was Los Angelitos.

How unreal would it be to tour la ciudad in one of these? There everywhere. I have an inkling I could run fast enough to hop on the back of a slow moving scoot. I’ll keep you posted as to if this is successful. There are too many historical sites and beautiful old buildings to list. One of the plazas or squares that are common throughout the city and the Catedral (third largest gothic cathedral in the world) are pictured below!


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