los acensores no funcionan!


there are a number of things that give our apartment….character…
the elevators have stopped working (need i remind you we live on the sixth floor), as has the oven, two of the stovetop burners, the drier and the hot water in all but one of the showers. to be honest, the views and city make up for it. not to mention, spainards spend very little time “en casa.” they meet for buisness over coffee, with friends over tapas y bebidas, with their family (the whole extended family) over churros y chocolate. everything is afuera. i’ve been trying to translate “nice rear end” into spanish, but all my neighbors are just too winded on the staircase to chat!

the furnishers of this apartment really enjoy small…unique….statues. of horses, a man with a shield, elephants, naked cherubs, naked men, naked women. on my walk through town the other day, i think i found their favorite store.

i scored the most normal one for our bedside table, purchased some candles and festive posters and shoved to standard pillow inserts into the euro sham that came with my IKEA quilt. the result was not perfect, but definitely more cozy than the framed dolphin poster and moth-ball filled fleece blanket we started with.


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