la comida


The food schedule here is so different! After eating dinner at 5:30 exactly like I’m 75 years old for the past two years – it’s a bit of an adjustment. We usually have a small breakfast at home of toast and café con leche. Lunch is around 2 or 3 and then dinner is never earlier than 9. Sometimes around 4 or 5 there is a merienda which is a snack, often a sweet!

chocolate is hot chocolate that I’m pretty sure is made with cream or crack or something cause it’s more like pudding, but the most amazing pudding I’ve ever eating.

Another wonderful discovery was the farmers market, in an old train station a block away. Warm bread, lots of fish and more brightly colored GIGANTIC vegetables than you could ever imagine. It was a super fun place to practice spanish and also addition. Y un poco de manchego!


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