la ciudad desde una bicicleta


This is our tour guide Michael, who was from Michigan.  He wouldn’t let me take his picture so I pretended to sneeze and snapped a winner.

These carriages are all over town.  Michael said they have the right of way not due to any particular law but because “they’re dicks.” Sweet guy.

This is la plaza de sevilla – a government building and the last picture I took on the bike tour because taking pictures while biking turns out to be quite dangerous.  Yes Michael, I know what peligroso means.

After our bike tour I went for a nice long night run along the river.  The bike path is lit up at night and there are joggers and people walking everywhere.  I soon realized all the strong women runners I kept seeing were in fact men (who wear tights or very short shorts while exercising).  Also, for the record, listening to eminem while running through a foreign city at night makes you feel cooler than Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4.  Which I suppose isn’t that cool.


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