La Llegada!


View from the balcony

Three airplanes, two books, a nap and a couple of practice problems in an LSAT book later –  I’ve been awake for about 30 hours now, and we’re all hoping I make it through the welcome dinner tonight (it is free after all).  I’ve finished unpacking although we have a closet that is about 2 feet wide for two people.  After we first arrived, I abandoned my luggage for a walk through the city to a tapas bar (where we had our first pitcher of sangria!!).  Alas, I forgot my camera, which has been an unfortunate theme since its acquisition.  Afterwards A trip to IKEA today yielded yummy pink bedding and a rolling clothes rack that is giving me nightmarish flashbacks to my summer at LOFT. I have used more spanish today than I ever have in my life, mostly because I have to keep repeating myself so people understand me (what do you mean you don’t understand my charming grunting and pointing??).

I share the top floor apartment with 11 other girls, from all over the country.  We have a wrap around balcony with gorgeous views of the city and the sunset.  I encountered a bike trail on our walk today that allegedly wraps around the entire city – a theory I will test on my run tomorrow.  More pictures to come once I catch up on sleep!


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